An overview of available events with brief descriptions follows.  Each event has very specific rules outlined on the NTLTC site.  Be sure to read, understand, and follow all NTLTC event rules using the links below.

Preconvention events

These events are to be completed on your own and submitted directly to NTLTC according to the directions for each event:

  • Individual events:
    • Essay
    • Fiction
    • Poetry
  • Team events:
    • Impact video
    • PowerPoint
    • Short film
    • Song writing
    • Video Bible drama

Challenge events

These events are to be completed on your own and judged at 12th Street prior to LTC, including:

  • Bible reading – reading a passage before judges in ladies class or the Sunday evening LTC presentation
  • Bulletin board – create and display one or two bulletin boards
  • Daily devotional – daily Bible reading and prayer
  • Scripture – memorize 100 verses of scripture
  • Service – complete service projects
  • Teaching – assist a Bible class teacher with lesson preparation and teaching

Convention events

These events are to be prepared on your own but are judged at the convention (contact the individuals listed if you need assistance with individual events)

  • Display events (art): one submission per participant
    • drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture
    • photography
    • computer generated
  • Individual events:
    • Bible reading – alternative to Bible quiz
    • Sign language
    • Song leading
    • Boys Speech
    • Girls Speech
  • Team events:
    • Bible quiz
    • Children’s book
    • Chorus
    • Drama
    • Puppets
    • Scrapbook

Event manual

Includes rules for all events